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Alix & Co. Paraiba Tourmaline and Pearl Necklace + Bracelet (Part 1)

Alix & Co. Paraiba Tourmaline + Pearl Bracelet
Copyright 2012 EraGem Jewelry
Used with permission
by Angela Magnotti Andrews

When Janet Alix was a teenager, her grandfather took her shopping for her birthday. Upon choosing a set of jewelry-making tools, her course was set. Now the proud owner of her California-based jewelry boutique, Alix & Co., she continues to pursue her passion for designing matchless jewelry.

Janet has partnered with a fantastic team of people to create one-of-a-kind designer fine jewelry for her loyal customers. She and her team, consisting of Lori Brooke (business manager/creative director) and Karen Anlacher and Brian Booth (expert goldsmiths), are dedicated to using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones for all their pieces.

Ms. Anlacher, who lives in Mill Valley, California, but hails from Germany, lends a cultural verve to her craft. Her meticulous attention to detail give pieces like this 18k and 22k gold and platinum necklace an air of excellence that sets it apart as a work of art.

Mr. Booth and his wife, Lily, work together from their establishment, Booth Custom Jewelers, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their dedication to excellence in craftsmanship, as well as their ecologically sound practice of using recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds, has forged a lasting partnership with Alix & Co. When they aren’t working on custom pieces for Alix & Co., the couple create and restore heirloom and [antique jewelry] for their local clientele in Raleigh.

This necklace, and its matching bracelet are a prime example of Alix & Co.’s “Freize” style. Set in solid gold and then nestled in a platinum bow-shaped rim, twelve pearls shimmer next to their granulated gold settings. A hinge-type piece made of spiraled gold set on either end with radiant turquoise paraiba tourmaline cabochons links each of the twelve bows together to form the complete necklace.


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  1. Very interesting and well-written!

  2. Bracelets are the quintessential jewelry for a woman, and they certainly prefer them over other gemstones. Above pearl bracelet is really very charming and beautiful. My mother has the same bracelet and she generally carries it on party gowns.
    Orla Kiely Accessories

    1. It sounds like your mom has very good taste, Bella. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Good information dear. some interesting stuff while Choosing Pearl Necklace to share


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