Monday, February 25, 2013

Ring Sold at Christie’s Might Have Been Designed by a Freemason (Part 2)

Nathan Meyer (Mayer) de Rothschild
Copyright unknown
Photo Source: And Yet They Deny

by Angela Magnotti Andrews

Nathan Meyer de Rothschild and his brothers are rumored to have coordinated such a vast network of agents, shippers, and couriers that they learned of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a whole day before the official messengers of the British Army were informed. Though this may be a mythical legend, it is true that the Rothschilds supplied gold to Britain and its allies abroad during the war.

It is fitting that a man so true to his country and so loyal to his family would have a ring fashioned in his honor after his death. Given that Mr. Rothschild was an active and loyal Freemason, the serpent ring may have been made by his brotherhood on his behalf.

Given that the snake is coiled with its tail in its mouth, this is a reasonable conclusion. This symbol, sometimes called the Ouroboros (“he who eats the tail”), is commonly associated with Freemasonry and represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, leading to immortality.


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  1. Great story! Love the details.

    1. Thank you! This was a thrilling discovery to make in my research indeed!

  2. Great Article! The details on the ring are quite amazing. I find the symbolism of the snake very interesting.

    1. Thank you! Even though serpents are not my thing, I think it has the cutest face, don't you??