Gemstone Legends

Ammolite Specimen. Photo Credit: Rock Hounds.

Legend of the Syamantaka Mani
Read about one of the oldest diamonds in history in this East Indian legend of how one man caught the attention of the gods.

The Legend of Umina & Fura and the Emerald Mountains
Read about one of the most intriguing legends of the emerald's birth.

The Gemstone Legends of Ceylon
Read about Sinbad's exciting voyage to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and discover the mysteries and excitement of The Pearl of India and Adam's Peak, as well as several other notable legends of the wealth of the island.

The Butterfly Lovers
Read the haunting tale of two lovers bound together by love and honor, but separated by culture and tradition. The Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet.

Peridot: The Gift of the Goddess Pele
Read about the accidental gifts of Hawaii's fiery goddess, Pele.

St. Valentine, Amethysts, and Valentine's Day
Read about the connection between the saint, the stone, and the holiday we all love to love.

Opal's Bad Rap: Superstitions of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Read about how modern-day superstitions surrounding the gemstone opal developed and took hold, before the advent of Facebook.

The Blackfoot Legend of Ammolite
Read the brief account of how an ancient gemstone saved a people from winter famine.

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