Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where is the Syamantaka Mani Today?

Diamonds at a Market in Surat
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You’ve no doubt read my account of the exciting legend of the Syamantaka mani, gift from the Sun God Surya to his faithful servant Satrajit. (If not, click here to begin.)

If you’re anything like me, then by now you’re probably wondering where this stone ended up after leaving Kirshna’s hand thousands of years ago. I’ve read several different accounts that speak of the current whereabouts of the great stone, and though I can offer you nothing more than educated theories, I hope you will enjoy them nonetheless.

Clearly, any stone claiming the famed title of Syamantaka mani must prove to hail from the great land of India. Also, I would expect it to have started out as a large stone.

The diamond's legend asserts that the rays emanating from the stone were red in color and brilliant enough to obscure Satrajit’s face as he entered Dwarka. Though this account is surely embellished, it may lend some credibility to claims that the stone might possibly have been a corundum (red ruby or blue sapphire), or it might have been a red-fluorescing diamond.

Being as there are very few large diamonds or rubies hailing from India, this narrows the pool of possible matches down quite a bit. In fact, there are only three jewels which historians postulate might be the legendary Syamantaka: the Hope Diamond, the Koh-i-Nur, or the Great Mogul. All of these are diamonds.

Think it might be the Hope Diamond? CLICK HERE

What if it's the Koh-i-Noor Diamond? CLICK HERE

Could it be some form of the Great Mogul Diamond? CLICK HERE


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  2. Syamantaka jewel didn't come from India, it come from the Sun God and was given to Satrajit as he was his great devotee. After going missing Krishna returned it to Akrūra, Satrajit having already been murdered by then. Akrūra was instructed to keep it at Krishna's Dvārakā City. Dvārakā City sank into the sea once Krishan departed and the jewel probably sank into the Arabian Sea with it.

  3. it went back to surya mandala or to shambala the secret city but it is no where on earth or sea, if so the earth or sea would be filled with gold long back itself.