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The Healing Properties of Jade (Part 3: Modern Practices)

Jade Massage
Photo Credit: Oceanna Wellness
by Angela Magnotti Andrews

Both nephrite and jadeite jade are used in modern gemstone therapy around the world. Holistic healers today believe that many types of stones can act as tuning forks to realign our body systems and reduce symptoms associated with all manner of disease. It is generally understood that the energy field of an organic object that resonates in harmony can effect another organic object in disharmony, effectively bringing it back into homeostasis.

In the case of jade, which is reported to emit an ideal vibration of 11, it is said to effectively release blockage caused by toxic buildup, stimulating the kidneys and the excretory system to more efficiently eliminate waste and filter out toxins from the bloodstream.

Renowned crystal healer, Naisha Ahsian, writes that nephrite and jadeite have distinctive healing properties. Whereas nephrite is effective in supporting the central nervous system, jadeite is indicated for detoxification and wound repair after surgery or trauma. Trained healer and counselor, Judy Hall, corroborates Ahsian’s claims that jade is effective in detoxification of the kidneys and what she calls “energetically restructuring cells,” another way of saying that it helps repair skin abrasions.

Massage and acupressure therapist, Cherri Ross Thompson, reports that massage with jade can provide relief for those suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and can also provide protection against amnesia and dementia.

Jade is also widely used to relieve pain from muscle cramping of any kind, including athletic injury and childbirth. It is also reported to boost the immune system, provide strength to the heart, and regulate metabolism.

While many modern healers instruct their clients to apply jade directly to the skin over the affected area for at least 20 minutes, others recommend carrying it in a pocket, placing it on their desk at work, or holding it while meditating. Still others recommend wearing it as a pendant against the solar plexus.

Many of the experts exhort their clients to be on alert when purchasing jade, as there are many subpar specimens and outright fakes on the market.

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