Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Glittering Exhibition: The Seattle Art Museum Presents "Going for Gold"

Baroque Braque, 1987, Howard Kottler
Photo source: Seattle Art Museum

Set against the backdrop of some of the finest textile specimens the Seattle Art Museum houses in its permanent collection, Going For Gold has been hailed by Seattle Times reporter, Nancy Worsam, as a “rich exhibit that wears very well.”

Curators Julie Emerson and Pam McCluskey have mined the vast collections of SAM’s textiles and decorative objects to present a glittering celebration of gold in all its forms.

Ms. Worsam reports that a massive cubist-inspired sculpture made by ceramicist Howard Kottler stuns visitors at the entry with its brilliant gold luster glaze. The exhibit also features two pieces made by celebrated Russian goldsmith Carl Faberge, a jeweled bookmark and a cigarette case. The lid of the cigarette case is checkered in yellow, rose, and green gold.

Buddhists in the 18th century wrapped gold threads around silk fibers to make the kesa, a replica of the robe of Buddha worn by Buddhist holy men. Gold also shimmers from the woven fabrics of many other pieces from around the world, including China and Italy.

In her review of the exhibit, Ms. Worsam assures that jewelry enthusiasts will not be disappointed. She comments on a pair of massive earrings from Mali “made from thin sheets of decorated gold,” as well as a “highly patterned, cast-gold nose ring made in pre-Columbian America."

The exhibit opened in November 2012, and will remain on display until November 17, 2013. On the first Thursday of every month, visitors can view Going for Gold for free between the hours of 10:00 am and 9:00 pm. On all other days, the entry price is $17 for adults. The museum is closed on Mondays.

You will find more information about special rates and other exhibits on SAM’s website:


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