Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wedding Procession: Queen Victoria's Wedding (Part 1)

Queen Victoria's Wedding
Photo Credit: Versailles and More

It began with a bang—a 21-gun royal salute announced that Her Majesty had entered a carriage to begin her procession to the Chapel Royal. Earlier that morning, while the Queen slept “well” in her bed, throngs of adoring subjects lined the streets of London, filling St. James Park well before eight. {26, p. 142}

By the time the Queen’s carriage meandered its way down the avenue through the triumphal arch at twelve noon, this cheering crowd had been waiting for hours in heavy rain, hoping to catch a glimpse of their beloved Queen on her wedding day.

As the Queen’s carriage neared the Garden Entrance to St. James’ Palace, the deafening cheer of the crowds must have alerted the thousands of guests within the palace that the day’s ceremonies were about to begin.

Imagine for a moment glittering hand-held fans waving in excitement, the whispers traveling from one bonneted head to another, the glistening of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires adorning the hairpieces, necks, and arms of the most fashionable in all of England.

As one writer for Victoriana Magazine expressed, “The appearance of the large body of spectators was brilliant in the extreme. Bridal favors were universally worn, and the profusion of diamonds and other gems, the glittering state robes and costly decorations, formed a display of the most magnificent character.”

It would take a truly regal bride to upstage all the glitz and glitter filling the magnificent halls of St. James’s Palace.

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  1. You definitely captured the anticipation and excitement of the day's event!