Monday, July 2, 2012

Prince Albert, Jewelry Designer

Queen Victoria displays the orange blossom parure
designed by Prince Albert
Photo Credit: The Victorian Peeper

Prince Albert was a brilliant man of many talents and interests. In addition to his keen interest in the monarchy, education, and social reform, the Prince Consort spent much of his personal time pursuing the arts. He studied architecture, art, fresco, photography, and jewelry. He was a talented jewelry designer and was fortunate enough to have some of the most celebrated design firms at his beck and call.

In addition to charm bracelets designed to commemorate the births of their children, Prince Albert also commissioned several tiaras with matching necklaces, brooches, and earrings (parures) as just-because gifts for his bride.

Most of his jeweled gifts he reserved for the sole purpose of surprising his wife, Queen Victoria. A pure romantic at heart, he truly was the man of her dreams. In a life filled with manipulation, treachery, and mistrust, Victoria’s short time with Albert renewed within her the belief that the world is a beautiful, romantic, and wonderful place.

I suppose some may argue that Don Juan takes the cake on romance, but I think anyone who can romance his wife the way Albert did wins in my book.

Who is your favorite romantic from the annals of history?


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  1. I would have liked all of Prince Albert's jewelry he created for his wife and the way he romanced her! I am a "romantic" at heart as well... (:

    1. Oh, me too!! It is so sad that he died so soon. His family and the world really lost out on his beautiful influence!

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