Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Satrajit Accuses Krishna (Syamantaka Mani Legend, Part 4)

Krishna Seeks the Syamantaka
Photo Credit: Rkista

“Krishna! What have you done to my brother? Where is Syamantaka?”

“Satrajit, I see you are distressed. I have heard that your brother has not returned from the hunt. He must have met with trouble. I have neither seen him nor the stone.”

“I know you took it, Krishna. You lusted after it and decided you must steal it, since I would not let you have it.”

“No, Satrajit. I did not do that. I will get some of my best men together, and we will go and find your brother for you. I will show you that I did not steal it.”

Krishna set out with a search party and soon came upon the tree where Prasena and his horse lay mangled upon the hard earth. Though the stone was nowhere to be found, Krishna did take note of the lion tracks leading away from the tree.

He and his men followed the trail and soon found the lion’s maimed body. The lion’s body was slashed through by bear claws.

Krishna then set out for Jambavan’s cave, which was very near. Outside the entrance, Krishna warned his men of the danger. “I’ll go in alone. You wait here for me. No matter what, remain outside the cave. Jambavan knows me. I will be safe. But he does not know you. You will not be safe in there.”

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