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Peace Restored (Syamantaka Mani Legend, Final Part 9)

Peace Restored
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Akrura, concerned for his people back home in Dwarka, complied with the summons and stood face to face with Krishna in front of their family to hear his appeal. Krishna began with a noble address of Akrura’s majesty. Then he expressed his belief that Shatadhanwa had left the jewel in his possession.

He went on to explain that although the jewel was the rightful possession of the baby boy Satyabhama was carrying, neither he nor his wife were eager to possess it. Krishna once again hailed Akrura’s righteousness and expressed that he felt completely comfortable allowing him to maintain possession of the gem.

He took pause, though, and explained one problem: that his brother, Balarama believed that Krishna had killed Shatadhanwa and lied about not finding the gemstone so he could keep it for himself. He asked Akrura to demonstrate in front of their whole family that he indeed had the Syamantaka in his possession.

Recognizing that it would do no good to attempt to hide anything from Krishna, Akrura presented the jewel to Krishna, who displayed it before the assembly. Krishna’s name was once again cleared.

Akrura, no longer needing to hide, agreed to remain in Dwarka and keep the jewel, restoring peace and safety to the city’s inhabitants.

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