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Krishna Cursed (Syamantaka Mani Legend, Part 8)

Possibly Narada, the Wisdom Giver
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Krishna sat alone in the city square wondering what to do when Narada, the wisdom giver, approached. “Why are you so sad, Krishna?” Narada asked.

“Respected Narada, people cast aspersions on me. Can I ever steal? Can I ever tell a lie? Am I a man subject to suspicion? I do not know what curse has befallen me. Kindly help and guide me.”

Narada replied, “Lord Krishna, you have seen the moon on the fourth day of the bright half of the lunar month, Bhadrapada. Looking at the moon on that day is forbidden.”

“How is it? People see, appreciate, and bow before the moon on the second day of the bright half of the lunar month. Why are they forbidden to look upon it on the fourth day?” Krishna inquired.

“Lord Ganesh declared that anyone who sees the moon on that day will be cursed with rumors and lies.”

“What must I do to free myself from this curse?”

“Observe fast, worship and make offerings to Lord Ganesh, and you will be free of this curse.” {1}

Krishna followed Narada’s advice and shortly after summoned Akrura, whom he suspected had taken the diamond far away to Kasi, He hoped Akrura would return to alleviate the fears of the people of Dwarka, who believed that Akrura’s absence left them vulnerable to pestilence, famine, and natural disturbances.

{1} History and Mythology, ACK #81.

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