Friday, December 28, 2012

Queen Victoria's Wedding (Part 24): The Royal Pair Receive Their Guests

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Wood engraving, 19th Century.
by Angela Magnotti Andrews

Attended by the royal party, the Queen and her new husband exited St. James’s Palace and entered their carriage for the short jaunt to Buckingham Palace. Alone at last, the new couple exchanged the first of many private conversations as husband and wife. For these happy two, the half mile must have flow by altogether too swiftly.

In no time at all, Prince Albert was lifting his young bride out of their coach and leading her into Buckingham Palace to receive their guests. Charles Morris, writing in 1901, describes the Queen as “no longer pale” with a “glow of happiness and an expression of confidence and comfort in her eyes.” {Morris, p. 117}

After making their rounds through the bustling state rooms, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert stole away to share a private moment before the festivities continued. In that brief half hour, she presented him with his wedding ring. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a description of the ring she gave him.

After receiving this precious gift, Albert requested that they hold no secrets between them. As Victoria later wrote in her journal, “There never was.”

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